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OCTOBER 5,  2015

Technical difficulties will most likely hamper my ability to get the Roster out in a timely manner-

Roster Updated Mon-Fri




   **   Waiting for Mugshot from Detention Center

09/30/15 Dustin Abbey Holding For Phillips County
07/21/15 Julian Bachman Holding For Roosevelt County
08/28/15 Travis Bjornson   City Court
Justice Jonathan Black Holding For Sheridan County
08/02/215 Dennis Cleary Holding For Blaine  County
08/20/15 Chad Cochran Holding For Blaine County
05/22/15 Wesley Cooke Warrant Utah District Court
09/04/15 Michael Cox Holding For Blaine County
 07/12/15 Danielle Deserly 72 Hr Hold Misdemeanor Probation
10/04/15 Nicholas Dighans DUI Justice Court
09/08/15 Nathaniel Doney Holding For Blaine County
09/26/15 Lane Gardner Serving Time Probation & Parole
08/22/15 Jared Gibson Holding For Blaine County
06/22/15 Amelia Hackmann Holding For Roosevelt County
08/28/15 Christopher Hardcastle PODDX2
City Court
08/12/15 Terry Hardground Holding For Blaine County
06/15/15 William Hoffman Holding For Blaine County
09/17/15 Terry Holben Holding For Blaine County
08/19/15 Mariah Hoops Holding For Blaine County
08/26/15 Natasha Hoops    Holding For Blaine County
10/03/15 Jolysa Jones Theft, 2nd Offense
City Court
District Court
07/14/15 Jacqueline Kirkaldie Holding For Blaine County
07/06/15 Humberto Medinavillarreal Vio of Release Conditions District Court
07/23/15 Anthony Mitchell DUI  X4
Driving While Suspended or Revoked
City Court
01/27/15 Derek Odom Holding For Sheridan County
10/04/15 Tisha RedDog Holding For Roosevelt County
10/05/15 Austin Simonson 72 Hour Hold Probation & Parole
07/27/15 Dexter TurnToes Warrant District Court
07/03/15 Amanda Walton Holding For Roosevelt County
08/20/2015 Aaron Wienke Holding For DOC